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I am an independent, world travel inspired Fine Artist, Digital Artist  & Illustrator


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I am a freelance artist & designer travelling the world. I left my home in Brighton, U.K to travel July 2009, since then I have lived and worked in Australia and New Zealand. I have also spent many exciting months backpacking around South Eastern and Central Asia, Canada, the U.S and Europe!

I create digital art, graphic design, book cover art, wall/mural art, pencil & ink sketches, oil paintings, and other traditional painting media. If you are looking for a world travel inspired artist or designer to produce any kind of work listed above, whether traditional or digital, please send me an email at; robbieallenart@hotmail.co.uk.

I am currently accepting commissions both digital and traditional!

– Robbie

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FINAL MUSICAL TRUTH text small – robbieallenart

‘Musical Truth’ – Exposing the mind-control manipulations of the corporate music industry … and how to take back our power’ Book Cover Art 2015

Final-The-Conscious-Resistance-Artwork-2 small

‘The Conscious Resistance; Reflections On Anarchy & Spirituality’ Book Cover Art 2015


“From the start, I had a vision in my mind of the book cover design I wanted. I communicated this to Robbie, and through his precise questioning, professional suggestions, and step-by-step guidance, he ended up translating my mind’s image to the finished page in exact detail. It’s as if I created the cover myself, (if only I had the skills!) Robbie regularly reassured that the job was in hand and was being given priority.” – Mark Devlin, author of ‘Musical Truth’ www.markdevlin.co.uk

“When thinking of ideas for artwork for the cover to my book there were several considerations to take. We were looking for art that captures the ideas presented within the pages as well as being visually appealing. This can be difficult for any writer, but especially for a book that touches on the complex worlds of philosophy relating to Anarchism and Spirituality. Robbie’s art has without a doubt captured the many layers contained within the book, as well as creating a beautiful piece of work that is appealing to the eyes as much as the heart. I appreciate the time, and energy Robbie put into the book cover. I also appreciate the professionalism he exuded throughout the project.”

– Derrick Broze, co-author of “The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality”

Amazing work. 10/10. After seeing some incredible examples of Robbie’s visionary genius it was immediately clear that he was the perfect man for creating the cover art of my own debut album, ‘light above stars’. Having only the album name itself and a few basic guidelines to work with, Robbie delivered to an extent far beyond all expectations. The creative expression and level of competence that comes through in his work has been an absolute asset to myself, and will no doubt also be an asset to anyone else who is needing to convey a complex or inter-dimensional message though the expression of art. Thanks again, Robbie!” – DJ Samuel Lay Sullivan, Pleione Records

“When I conceived Higher Eclectic Ground, a social network for Video Game Artists, I was certain of one thing – Whether it panned out or now, I wanted it to be the coolest embodiment of Video Game expression in every way. Hip, stylish, artistic, complex yet minimalistic, from head to toe. As I pondered upon how I would achieve this in terms of aesthetics, I was constantly pricked by a vision of a massive Video-Game based landscape styled image that I felt, would go on to not just bedazzle visitors but become an important identifying mark in its future. And so, with help from my sister I devised a sketch, over several retries that best captured the vision I seemed to have been graced with.

The next step of course, was finding the right kind of artist to work with. To me, it wasn’t just about talent – It was about a fluidity of art style that could be changed into a form I wanted it to. It was about a passion for Video Games and a hyperactive artistic intellect as mine. I think it’s my good fortune then, that I met Robbie over but an e-mail. Going through his portfolio, I was instantly taken aback by the wide range of sketch and painting style he seemed to harness across his previous works. A few days into correspondence and I was enamoured by his willingness to help- Higher Eclectic Ground being a start up, there was a cap to how much I was willing to invest in but a banner and a logo (Which was to be derived from the former). Robbie seemed fully aware of this as he attempted to reach a common ground with me, which we did. Post that however, there was no relenting as he put brush to paper day after day to ensure that he delivered the most striking piece of scenery, exactly as I had envisioned it to be. Up until now, all those who have laid their eyes on it have failed to draw them away under a minute – All of this, achieved simply by communicating over e-mail.

Although clearly an extraordinary hard worker, I believe Robbie’s talents lie in his ability to mould his art as per the job at hand and the vision provided to him. He is able to share in that vision and uncannily achieve it through just the right use of vivid colors that convey an assortment of emotions, thoughts and detail. His background in Video Games coupled with his passion for the same only amplify his creativity. It’s a rare mix but a highly productive one. Higher Eclectic Ground owes all its aesthetic success and style to Robbie and will continue to work with him for all its design needs.”
– Sean Braganza, founder & owner of ‘Higher Eclectic Ground’


“I came to Robbie with an idea. It was mostly in my head though, and had expressed it with a small (not very descriptive) sketch. It was much appreciated that he asked so many questions to get the idea out of my head, into his and through his work onto paper. He asked even about the slightest details which helped further imagine what the end result would be. He shared his initial sketches with me and discussed some idea’s he had, to see if they synchronized with mine. They often did and the end result was completely to my liking. It was a wonderful experience working with Robbie and if you have the chance, visit his portfolio page for some inspiration and beautiful art.”
– Bob Baxxer, The Netherlands