My 1st 15 Days of Inktober Drawings & Illustrations 2016

This year I decided to go for the Inktober challenge of creating one Ink sketch or Illustration every day for the month of September, 2016. I set out to complete a decent illustration a day, but at that pace I was only able to reach 21 days consecutively. Moving home and country was the major interruption causing me to falter during the challenge, which was something I wasn’t able to recover from quickly. With more careful planning I could have got round this, so a lesson learned which I will take into the next challenge!

This was the first 31 day challenge that I set out to test myself against, and it certainly won’t be the last. Despite failing to complete 31 in a row, I improved my skills in Ink sketching, which I had only started experimenting with earlier this year in March, when I picked up my first few brush pens whilst travelling around Japan and taking the opportunity to make lots of public, urban and subway sketches of the local Japanese people, who just happened to pose as perfect models being asleep on public transport, or completely absorbed with their heads down, looking at their devices. I also learned more about myself, how far I could push myself Artistically within a time limit, how well I could perform/focus each day no matter what, and how I dealt with other outside influences as I progressed.

I began the challenge with a theme in mind. I did not want to take the popular route of sketching only robots, women with guns, monsters, knights and other fantasy figures, which so many Artists’ do seem to strictly follow. And I did not follow the official ‘prompt list’ provided by the Inktober founder, Artist Jake Parker. Instead I chose to focus on qualities of humanity, creativity, love, emotion, imagination and defiance. And I also wanted the freedom to work on whatever I felt like drawing, each day.

As I progressed there were days when I sketches outside in public which I included, along with two of scenes of Morpheus from the Matrix, and a few others dealing with Psychology and authenticity, themes which I want to explore more and express artistically in the future. I also included two studies from one of my favourite Artist’s, Frank Frazetta.

I will show the remaining days I completed in the next blog post, and the Ink sketches I completed after the challenge had ended, completing 31 in total. So here are the first 15 days of my Inktober 2016;

homeless-no-worries-robbieallenart #inktober

Inktober Day 1; ‘Homeless, No Worries!’


Inktober Day 2; ‘I Won’t Give Up’

Inktober Day 3; 'Love For Animals'

Inktober Day 3; ‘Love For Animals’

'For The Animals'

Inktober Day 4; ‘For The Animals’

Inktober Day 4; 'All The Way'

Inktober Day 5; ‘All The Way’

Inktober day 5; 'The Harpist'

Inktober Day 6; ‘The Harpist’

Inktober Day 6; 'The Guitarist'

Inktober Day 7; ‘The Guitarist’

Inktober Day 8; 'The Drummer'

Inktober Day 8; ‘The Drummer’

Inktober Day 9; 'Defiance'

Inktober Day 9; ‘Defiance’

Inktober Day 10; 'You Shall Not Pass'

Inktober Day 10; ‘You Shall Not Pass’

Inktober Day 11; 'The Matrix Is Everywhere'

Inktober Day 11; ‘The Matrix Is Everywhere’

Inktober Day 13; 'Don't Think You Are, Know You Are'

Inktober Day 12; ‘Don’t Think You Are, Know You Are’

Inktober Day 13; 'Who Are You Really?'

Inktober Day 13; ‘Who Are You Really?’

Inktober Day 13; 'Urban Sketching'

Inktober Day 14; ‘Urban Sketching – The Hairdressers’

Inktober Day 15; 'Frank Frazetta Study'

Inktober Day 15; ‘Frank Frazetta Study’

To be continued…

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