That’s me almost half way through painting a  series of existing characters white-on-black on a wall in the Gold Coast, Australia, 2014. Original character Artwork was created by Artist Jerry Beck. A.K.A ‘Illustratusmaximus’

It all begins with the imagination.

The ability to see things in a new light, from a different perspective, things that we have not yet known to exist, prophecies, positive visualizations of the future, and solutions to the problems we face. How incredible and powerful this is. I feel we are all born artists, we are all creative geniuses, we are all talented, all gifted, and we all have inner vision. It is how we realize and express ourselves as unique individuals which has infinite worth and potential.

Whether a book cover illustration, character and environment concept art, a traditional oil or digital painting, a drawing or sketch, a wall painting/mural, thought-provoking art, album cover art, vector art and graphic design, I can create all of this with attention to detail, a high level of focus, passion, determination, skill and plenty of inspiration from direct life experience and from travelling around the world.


This is me sitting on a wall in a the medieval hill town San Gimignano in Tuscany, Italy, 2013.

My name is Robbie, I am an Artist from Brighton, U.K!

I am passionate about Art, Freedom, Life and Truth. I also love to travel, to live life freely, taking each moment as it comes, making my own decisions, walking my own path, being fully focused in the present as much as I can, and learning how to create my own destiny.

I have always loved to draw, paint and create! I first started to draw around the age of 3 when I was handed my first box of Crayola pens. My inspirations and influences are many, some of which include early childhood curiosity and interest in all animal life, an early enjoyment for computer games from age 7 onwards, with my first Super Nintendo and the game ‘The Legend Of Zelda – A Link To The Past’.

Other inspirations and influences include fine art, concept art, films, fantasy and sci-fi art, design, travel experiences, Truth, freedom, spirituality, health, nature, consciousness, well being, psychology, the universe, the nature of reality, the mystical, the unknown, myths & legends and ancient history.

My early interest in computer game art and graphic design inspired me to study Graphic Design/Illustration at Northbrook College in England. From there I became fascinated with character and environment concept art for computer games after having seen incredible work from talented concept artists. After I completed a National Diploma in Graphic Design/Illustration, I then went on to University at UCLAN, England and completed a 3 year BA degree in Games Design. During this time I learned 3d modelling and animation, and I developed my interest and skill in Digital Art/Painting, and research into many fascinating subject areas. Then I left England to travel the world!


More recently, this is me in Queenstown, New Zealand, 2015

This is my portfolio website!

I am on a journey as an independent artist travelling the world. I believe there is so much more to life than we are told, and that human potential for creativity, positive action, influence and intelligence is far greater than most can even begin to imagine. I feel inspired to help make a difference and ‘be the change’. I like to discuss deeper minded topics, and learn more about what is really going on in the world. I want my artwork to express and reflect my research, interests, life experiences, to help bring awareness on important areas, and to help inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones, to take control of their lives, to ‘think outside the box’, to question everything, and live life through right thought and right action.

I also want to create many of my own unique characters, environments and worlds, and bring them all to life through concept art and Illustration!

We are all unique individuals with unlimited potential to create. But something is holding us back from fulfilling our potential and carving out our own path in life. I want to help expose Truth in my work, and attempt to offer solutions to the problems we face by creating inspiring and thought provoking conscious art and design, and to assist in the evolution of consciousness.

Let’s create together!

– Robbie